Alexei Mashkov is a Russian[1] player introduced in Year 3 Comic 1, but unnamed until Year 3 Comic 2. He gives Jack Zimmermann the nickname “Zimmboni”.[2] Mashkov is also the host of The Providence Falconers' PR interview clip that Eric Bittle watches with his teammates at team breakfast. He is also featured in an episode of Faceoff!, in which he competes against Jack in a logo-drawing contest Tater tells Bitty that like Jack, he comes from a lot of expectations as his mother is a national figure skater and his father is a town hockey star. Tater also gets along well with Bitty once he learns about Jack having a boyfriend and doesn't care that Jack is with a man rather than a woman. Instead, he cared more about having Bitty make dinner for him and inviting Bitty to family skate.[3] After Samwell Men's Hockey Team is knocked out of the playoffs at the end of the first round, Tater visits The Haus to help bring the massive amounts of jam Bitty has made to the Falconers. While there, he takes several Instagram pictures with the team and plays flip cup with Larissa Duan.[4] During Game Four of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Tater was injured by a Schooners defenseman. In retaliation, Jack started a fight with the defenseman during Game Five, earning him a hug from Tater.[5] Tater was out for the rest of the playoffs and the championship, but partied with the team and the Samwell Men's Hockey Team following the Stanley Cup victory.[6] He took part in the presser the next morning where Tater got one of the only non-kiss related questions when he was asked about having not been able to play during the championship. He later joined the Samwell team at Jack's apartment to enjoy some of Bitty's cooking.[7]


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