Bitty baking

Bitty bakes almost compulsively, often faster than seems possible. He has so far baked:

  • Pecan Pie (for his first skate with the team[1], midnight baking at home[2], to fight about pronounciation with Jack[3], while Jack took over Bitty’s twitter[4][5])
  • Apple Pie (Parents Weekend[6], to practice using his MooMaw's recipe, and for real at July 4th[7])
  • Mini-pies and hockey-themed cookies (for the Tadpole Tour[8])
  • Maple Sugar Crusted Apple Pie (for Jack's birthday[9])
  • Heart-shaped cookies (for Valentine's Day[10])
  • Unknown pies (during his first tour of the Haus[11], while Shitty argues about facial hair[12], mini-pies at exams[13], for the Mario Kart Holiday Party[14], late night with Jack[15], for Holster when he was upset[16], before singing Beyonce in the shower[17], for Chowder's birthday[18], prior to making his first sophomore year vlog update[19], while listening to Jack and Shitty discuss their frog year[20], for a vlog in mid-January[21], during the snowstorm his sophomore year[22], to encourage Shitty about his thesis[23], late night[24], while Jack asked for a critique of his photographs[25], for playoffs sophomore year[26])
  • Brownies (while Ransom tries to teach Jack about Instagram[27])
  • Stress baking (about classes, hockey, and a phone call with his dad[28])
  • Rhubarb pie (for being single[29])
  • Bribery pie (to get into WGSS120/HIST376: Women, Food, & American Culture)[30]
  • Cherry pie as part of a get-well gift to Dex[31]
  • Cookies for Chowder[32], while Shitty vents about his future[33], tucked into Jack's luggage as a surprise over winter break[34][35], while Betsy the Oven was on the fritz[36]
  • Tiramisu[37]
  • Oatmeal cookies[38]
  • According to Jack, Bitty made 17 pies in the month of September his sophomore year.[39][40] Bitty is certain that number is low.[41]
  • Cornbread[42]
  • Quiche, for lunch with Chowder, Farmer and Jack[43]
  • Unknown Valentine's week items[44]
  • Bagel bites, as the last thing he baked in Betsy[45]
  • Jack's pregame PB&Js which end up featured on FalcsTV. [46][47]
  • Keeps the Falconers' nook stacked with pies, earning Bitty the ire of Falconers nutritionist Nate.[48][49]
  • Four baskets of muffins and an entire crate of jam as a thank-you gift for Georgia "George" Martin.
  • Pregame PB&Js for the entire Providence Falconers team.[50]
  • Four pie combo for family skate with the Providence Falconers including a maple-sugar apple pie.[51]
  • Unknown pie he gave to Tango and Whiskey following Samwell getting knocked out of the playoffs at the end of the first round.[52]
  • Went "quiche crazy" on MLK weekend.[52]
  • Enough of his Aunt Judy's jam to require two trips to Providence at the request of the Falconers.[52]
  • Almond butter and bread for thirty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, presumably for the Falconers.[53]
  • A pie he was baking alongside his mother over the phone. Unfinished after Bitty couldn't tell Suzanne about his relationship with Jack.[54]
  • His mother's PB&J with the crusts cut off for Jack as a new pregame ritual shortly after they officially started dating. Dropped on the floor by Bitty after Jack spontaneously admits he loves Bitty for the first time.[55]
  • Baking two pies at once during the celebratory kegster in one of Jack's blue shirts and hats. At least two other pies baked earlier in the night, one partially consumed by the time he made the third and fourth.[56]
  • Dinner for the Samwell team and Tater at Jack's apartment following the presser. In order to get Bitty the flour and eggs he needed, Jack and Thirdy went to the supermarket right after the presser and a picture of it became one of eight must-see Stanley Cup pictures on Twitter.[57][58]
  • Made a pie appear seemingly out of nowhere while meeting with the other Samwell varsity captains like he did during his first visit to the Haus.[59]
  • Bitty offers the Waffles pie after fining them for speculating about him and Jack. Bitty subsequently makes scones and pizza for Haze by Hazewest that the Waffles enjoy. Bitty apparently offers them more before revealing that there is no more when they agree and then drags the Waffles off to Faber with the help of Dex and Nursey.[60]
  • Unknown pie being baked while Bitty films his vlog and talks about Nursey's injury.[61]
  • Slice of an unknown pie left rotting under Dex's bed by Nursey. Burned by Bitty on the Haus lawn with a flamethrower after its discovery.[61]
  • Goodie bags made for the team given out after practice. Hops forgets his and has to go back for it while Tango eats his before he even gets out of the building and Whiskey leaves his behind.[62]


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