Minor characters that are mentioned and/or illustrated.

Alice[1] Atley


Bitty and Professor Atley

Professor at Samwell University. Instructor for WGSS120 / HIST376: Women, Food, & American Culture.[2] Becomes Eric Bittle's adviser when Bitty chooses American Studies as a major.[1] She listens to Bitty about everything not just his thesis[3][4] and asks him about Jack.[5] When talking to a colleague about Jack's NHL career, Professor Atley mentions how Jack was in class with Bitty and how great it is that Bitty kept in touch with him. To hide his romantic relationship with Jack, Bitty overexcitedly agrees that its great.[6] Atley is stated to know more French than Bitty.

Tortoise-shelled glasses girl


Tortoise-shelled glasses girl

A senior (class of 2015)[7] at Samwell who takes WGSS120 / HIST376: Women, Food, & American Culture with Bitty and Jack Zimmermann.[8] She can be seen staring dreamily at Jack as he asks Bitty for help, indicating she's got a crush on him.

Caitlin[9] Farmer (Chris Chow's girlfriend)

In the fall semester of his freshman year, Chowder meets Caitlin, a girl from the Samwell Women's Volleyball team, after accidentally knocking her over on the quad during a piggyback race.[10][11] They attend the Winter Screw dance together,[12][13] and over winter break he officially becomes her boyfriend.[14][15] She is also from California.[16]

March and April

March and April are Samwell students and volleyball players who attend EpiKegster, where Justin Oluransi and Adam Birkholtz attempt to impress them with knowledge of hockey and Kent Parson, and then invite them up to the attic.[17]
March and april

March and April

Ollie O'Meara and Pacer Wicks

Members of the Samwell Men's Hockey Team. They have a special fistbump for when Holster checks someone.[18] Ransom and Holster, when graduating, give Ollie and Wicks their dibs. Ransom and Holster had the two locked down for their dibs since Feburary of their senior year, but neglected to tell Lardo who had planned to give her dibs to one of them. After learning from Ollie about it, Dex and Nursey get into an argument that leads to them sharing Lardo's room to Dex's horror.[19] Both vote for Bitty as captain at the end of their junior year. When Bitty wins on a unanimous vote, Ollie and Wicks exchange a fist bump at the end of the table.[20] In their senior year, they join Bitty when he starts hazing the Waffles, flanking him while wearing sunglasses to look more intimidating. Also, Nursey fines Louis for finishing the frosted flakes as that is Ollie and Wicks' pre-game ritual.[21]

Disgruntled Student at the Art Show

“It was really a great space for adventurous self-reflection and critical thought…Well, it was until the hockey team showed up.”[22]

Richard "Coach" Bittle

Bitty's father who is generally just referred to by his job title of "Coach." The Coach of Madison High School's football team, Coach meets Jack Zimmermann during his visit during the Fourth of July. During that time, Coach discussed Jack's new professional hockey career with him, stating that Jack's dad must be proud of him. Like his wife, Coach was unaware that he was meeting his son's new boyfriend, not his best friend.[23] After Jack gets the "A" with the Falconers, Bitty tells Jack that Suzanne and Coach are so proud of him.[24] Before one of Bitty's games, Coach sends him a good luck text, as does Suzanne. After Jack mentions how excited his parents are about their relationship, Bitty brings up how Coach and Suzanne had texted him good luck and his worries about telling them about his relationship with Jack. Bitty tells Jack that Suzanne and Coach had loved Jack when they met him, but worries that telling them the truth will cause his parents to change the way they look at them.[25] After Bitty scores in the game, he calls Coach and tells him the good news and that it means that Coach and Suzanne have to text him before games from now on.

Due to following Jack's career, Coach becomes "a hockey fanatic" according to Suzanne. During lunch with Aunt Judy, Coach went so far as to keep checking the Falconers score on his phone and turned the TV on the moment he got home in time to see Jack score an incredible goal. However, while Jack offered Suzanne and Coach tickets to the Stanley Cup playoffs, Coach has a conference in Alabama and can't make it.[26] At 10:25pm on the night the Falconers win the Stanley Cup, Coach excitedly talks with Suzanne about Jack's win and how Bitty might manage to make it out onto the ice. Suzanne calls out to her husband to tell him that Bitty's on TV where Bitty and Jack are kissing live on camera.[27] After Bitty ignores his mother's calls all night, Coach texts him at 2:48 in the morning to call Suzanne as she is worried.[28] When Bitty finally calls Suzanne, she makes it clear that while she and Coach had no idea that their son was gay or dating Jack, they both still accept him and want him to come home. When pushed for Coach's specific reaction, all Suzanne will say is that Coach loves Bitty and that he said that Jack played a good, strong game and that he hopes that they are enjoying all of the excitment.[29]


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