Denice "Foxtrot" Ford (Class 2019) is the new Samwell Men's Hockey Team team manager and a theater major. She is from Buffalo, NY and has 2 older brothers.

Life at Samwell

She tries out for the new manager of the Samwell Men's Hockey Team to replace Lardo. She is interviewed for the job by Bitty, Lardo and Dex. She lists her qualifications as having been herding actors since middle school, being cool with jocks since her brothers both play football and being able to shout really loud. Her demonstration startles Tango and after she's not weirded out by the antics of Ransom and Holster, she's hired.[1] The hockey team later attends Ford's play, causing someone to ask who invited them due to their loud behavior.

At the hockey team's end of year banquet, Ford joins the team at their table. She cheers with everyone else as Bitty is elected team captain.[2]

Ford misses Jack's Cup Day kegster and later comments on how much she missed out on. Ford asks Bitty about how the porch fire started and he explains how it was a lit cigar falling into tub juice.[3]

When Bitty prepares to haze the Waffles, Ford asks him if he really intends to go through with it and after he confirms it, she tells Bitty not to go easy on the Waffles as this might be his one chance in life to boss around a bunch of jocks. Though Bitty reassures her that he will go easy on the Waffles, Bitty goes so hard on them and fines them so extensively that Chowder and Dex feel he has gone mad with power. Ford on the other hand simply congratulates a smug Bitty and enjoys the show until Bitty makes her join them.[4]


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