Georgia Martin

Georgia Martin is the current assistant General Manager for the Providence Falconers[1] and a former Olympic hockey forward[2]. She used to be an NHL scout,[3] and after speaking with Jack Zimmermann after a game[4], meets with him again to ask him to consider meeting her team.[5] They go for a run together and end up literally running into Eric Bittle on the Samwell Bridge.[5]

Georgia attends Jack's graduation along with his parents.[6]

Georgia officially makes Jack alternate captain with Marty and Thirdy before his rookie year is out for his impact and leadership on the team.[7]

Before coming out to the Falconers, Jack visits George in the park where they go on a run together. George is startled to hear that he's dating one of his teammates until he clarifies its a teammate from Samwell. Jack explains that he's been dating Bitty for six months the coming Friday and if there were events where his teammates would bring their wives or girlfriends, she should know. George accepts the news easily and is happy for Jack who tells her he plans to have Bitty bake enough pies to sway everyone before springing the news and George realizes Jack's boyfriend is why the team is getting so many pies. When Jack reminds her of their meeting with Bitty on the bridge, George recognizes him and states that Bitty should open a bakery. George tells Jack that he's going to have a lot more people in his corner than he thinks when he tells people and suggests that he bring Bitty for dinner at Marty's house. George also thanks Jack for trusting her with the news.[8] In thanks, Bitty sends George four baskets of baked goods and a crate of jam the next day with Jack.

George attends the Falconers family skate attended by Bitty after Jack comes out to the team. She helps smooth over any problems the team has with Jack's sexuality along with Marty and Thirdy.[9]

After Jack and Bitty kiss on center ice in front of all the cameras, George is left in charge of handling PR. The next morning, she calls a presser to address the kiss and attempts to find Jack while speaking with Marty and Thirdy.[10] When Jack eventually shows up, George tells him that the Falconers have already released a statement so he only has to talk hockey, but she gives Jack permission to say something about the kiss if he wants to. However, Jack tells George that he only intends to focus on the Cup win and hockey and feels that it will be a normal presser as a result.[11]