Larissa "Lardo" P. Duan[2] is the Samwell Men's Hockey team manager. Lardo is of Vietnamese descent;[3]both of her parents are from Vietnam.[4] She is left-handed[5] and carries a purple cat-shaped pencil case[6].

Life at Samwell

Lardo became manager through being friends with Shitty and needing a job.[7] As manager, she was still required to go through Hazeapalooza.[8] When we meet her, in the spring term of Bitty's freshman year, she is a sophomore (Class of 2016). Lardo spent the first semester of the year in Kenya.[9] Though she is the team manager, she cannot skate.[10] Lardo is probably an art major, as there has been reference to her sculpture[9] and painting.[11]

Lardo is the bro-iest person at Samwell under 5'5"[12], and, in her freshman year, was the usurper of Ransom and Holster's Haus Doubles Beer Pong Championship title[9]. Lardo hangs out with her art friends as much as her hockey bros.[13][14] She spends most of her time in the student art studios at Kotter, the facilities at Faber, and in the Haus.[15]

Lardo's managerial duties include pulling the gear for all of the players, and answering questions.[16] Lardo once deflected a puck with her clipboard during a game, lobbed into the bench by Ollie O'Meara.[17][18]

For Hazeapalooza 2014, she and Shitty were in charge of kidnapping Nursey[19].

She sometimes makes Shitty help her with her art projects.[20][21] He visited her art studio prior to her junior year art show, the only member of the team allowed to do so.[22] Because they both live near Boston, they hang out during breaks.[23] When they share gummy bears, Lardo eats all the pink ones because Shitty doesn't like them.[24]

Because Holster is the tallest, she sits on his shoulders during concerts.[25]

Lardo tends to be quiet and not say much[26], lending importance to those times in which she does talk.

She is good friends with Bitty, venting to him about her art stress,[27] commiserating with him about their friends graduating,[28] and hanging out with him while he bakes.[29][30] She assisted him in finding very short shorts to wear for Spring C his sophomore year.[31][32] During an away game her junior year, she pranked him with a shoe-check.[33]

During EpiKegster 2014 she crushes Kent Parson at flip cup[34] and he holds up a sign indicating his defeat in their photo together.[35]

In February of her junior year she participated in an art show held at Koetter Art & Student Center which is right on the pond.[36][15] Lardo created three pieces,[37] one of which Shitty helped her to bedazzle, staying up until 4AM.[22] She spent the majority of her semester on one particular painting for the show.[22] It was attended by members of the hockey team including Bitty, Jack, Ransom, Holster, Chowder, Nursey, Dex, and Shitty.[38][22] Prior to the show, she called on Shitty to assist her with last-minute preparations.[39][40][41]

At the end of her junior year, Lardo received Haus dibs from Shitty with no tradeoff. Instead of shaking on it, they hugged, which made them both cry.[24]

Because she helped Shitty sculpt his hair layers throughout his senior year,[42] when he promised his family to cut it all off before graduation, he asked Lardo to do it.[43] She then went to lunch with Shitty and his family after the graduation ceremony was over.[44]

During the tour of the Haus given to the new tadpoles, Lardo was repeatedly questioned by Tango, causing her to snap at him that all the people he was asking about were likely Shitty.[45]

Lardo intervenes when Jack attends a kegster and is cornered by Shitty about who his "girlfriend" is. Lardo eventually calms Shitty down, telling him that law school has made him weak as he's drunk off half a cup of tub juice. Shitty gets emotional because of how much he misses his friends, but stops badgering Jack.[46]

Lardo and Bitty later watch the Falconers versus Aces games on their laptops in Founders and are upset by the Falconers loss and Kent Parson's playing.[47]

Lardo is called to brunch at Jerry's by Bitty along with Shitty, Ransom and Holster. At Jerry's, Bitty announces he and Jack are dating and the group begins arguing over who owes who what from their bets on when Jack and Bitty would get together. Lardo is revealed to have bet that it would happen before winter break.[48] She is revealed to have known since two weeks before when Bitty left his notes in her room with signs of his affection for Jack written all over them. When asked how she knew, Lardo, along with everyone else, simply deflects the question.[49]

She later works with Bitty and Dex to find a replacement for when she's gone. After several unsuitable candidates, the three select a theater major named Ford. She also isn't sure what she wants to do yet after Samwell and is stressed out and snappy with Tango at team brunch.[50]

Lardo originally planned to give her dibs to Ollie or Wicks, assuming that Ransom and Holster would give theirs to Dex and Nursey. However, Ransom and Holster gave their dibs to Ollie and Wicks in February and failed to tell anyone, leading to Dex and Nursey fighting over Lardo's room. With the help of Bitty, the situation is settled with a dib flip that makes the room both Dex and Nursey's. When a panicky Dex continues to refuse to leave, Lardo gets annoyed[51] especially when he's still there as she prepares to go to bed.

When Tater visits the Haus, he loses in a round of beer pong to Lardo. Tater posts a photo of him holding up a triumphant Lardo on his Instagram, calling her "pong god." After learning that Ransom is hiding in the attic after running into Tater, Lardo promises to chirp him forever and tells Tater to come back for a rematch.[52]

Lardo attends the end of year banquet in which the team unanimously elects Bitty captain. Along with the rest of the team, she cheers on her friend's achievement with a proud smile.[53]

While kissing the ice, Ransom, Holster and Lardo all started crying. Lardo decided to move to Boston after graduation for "hanging out with Shitty I guess." When Bitty burst into tears as the three prepared to move out, Lardo joined Ransom and Holster in giving him a hug.[54]


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